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Pandemic Study “How Essential is Sports?” published May 2020

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Saying NFL viewership is up because cable news is down is RIDICULOUS!!!
Maybe it's because this season has:
- storylines that developed through the preseason
- full stadiums
- new QBs in the top markets
- national windows with incredible games/endings

It was never cable news!

It will be interesting to follow the week to week Peyton & Eli audience. Nationally 14% of the MNF viewing went to the Mannings on ESPN2, but that's not true everywhere. In Milwaukee, they just wanted to watch the game (4% ESPN2), while Indy still loves Peyton (27% ESPN2)

Flora ESPN Insights@ESPNFlora

Talk about RAPID audience growth in just 1 week 🤯
- 1.9M MNF with Peyton & Eli +138% (not a typo)

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